There's No Place Like a Loving Home.

By keeping pets healthy, spayed and neutered, and supporting a variety of community programs, your gift saves lives.

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They are Depending on You

Your donation gives and maintains loving homes for local pets. It means disadvantaged pet owners can continue to house and care for their pets. Your gift makes possible the services and programs that keep pets at home, healthy, spayed and neutered, and this has caused a dramatic drop in the number of dogs and cat euthanized in our area each year. There's nothing like the special connection between a pet and their owner, and we want to make sure everyone can keep and provide excellent care for the lifetime of their furry loved ones. Here's a great story straight from an awesome local pet owner:

"There is no other place like P.E.T.S. in this area!!! They will treat you and ur furr baby like family and can take care of most of ur needs. I have been a animal lover my whole life but at the age of 28 I had a life changing disability and without the help and low costs of P.E.T.S. I could have never continued to maintain my animals and keep them till the last day of their lives!!!! And to someone like me (and many others) THAT would have been DEVASTATING!!! THANK YOU P.E.T.S. for making it possible for ANY animal lover...Broke or not, to share their lives with the ones they love!!! And I KNOW my babies thank you too!!!" - Amy Ingram

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